Logo Design


At Matson Graphics we offer the highest quality custom logo designs. Our custom logo designs are unique, highly recognizable, and truly effective for your future business identity. A Logo is the most important starting point for any company. Creating a custom logo design, and/or corporate identity, is essential to build your overall look and branding for your company.


Did you know that the Graphic Artists Guild Ethical Pricing Guide says that companies should pay between $3,000 to $10,000 for a corporate logo design? It’s true! At Matson Graphics you will save thousands of dollars on your custom logo design! Our logo design packages below give you the option to choose a new logo and one that works with your budget. We also offer fast and efficient turnaround times. We also offer hourly logo design/re-design at only $35/hr.

Matson Graphics offers 3 Logo Options:


Basic Custom Logo: $700 $500
Includes: 3 Logo Samples, 3 Revisions and 1 Vector .eps file and 1 .jpg file burned to a disc or emailed to client.


Business Pro Custom Logo: $1,000 $750
Includes: 7 Logo Samples w/icon, 7 Revisions and 1 Vector .eps file, 1 high res .PSD file, 1 .jpg file all burned to a disc or emailed to client.


Corporate ID Custom Logo: $1,850 $1,500
Includes: 15 Logo Samples w/icon, 15 Revisions and 1 Vector .eps file, 1 high res .PSD file, 1 high res.tiff file, 1 low res.tiff file, 1 .jpg file, 1 .gif file all burned to a disc or emailed to client. Also includes 1 page basic web and print style guide ($1,000 value)

For multi-page detailed style guides, please request a quote during logo consultation.

To request a quote on your new custom logo project click the link below or give us a call today!


Contact Matson Graphics: Seth Matson
Phone: 714.596.5019


Matson Graphics is Located in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California – USA

Logo Formats Defined:


Vector – Files created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai or.eps) that can be enlarged as big as you want without losing quality. (high resolution)


.PSD – Adobe Photoshop Document (high & low resolution)


.AI – Adobe Illustrator Document (high resolution)


.PDF – stands for Portable Document Format file and is a self-contained cross-platform document. Basically, it’s a file that will look the same on your monitor as well as a print out no matter what kind of computer or printer someone is using. It is also the native Illustrator file format (high & low resolution).


.GIF – GIFs are suitable for sharp-edged line art (such as logos) with a limited number of colors and used for the web (low resolution)


.JPG – good for low res photographs/images (web/email) (low resolution)


.PNG – Like GIFs, PNG files are lossless, meaning they don’t lose any detail when they are compressed. (low resolution)


.EPS – Encapsulated Postscript* (specifically for printing jobs) (high resolution)


.TIFF – high-resolution image format (great for printing) (high resolution)

Exclusive Ownership:

You always get exclusive ownership of your logo once the final transaction has been completed. The only right Matson Graphics will retain, is the right to use the logo in our portfolio and/or marketing materials.

Logo Design Features


All Logo Packages include the following:

  • Initial Logo sample designs can be available in 1-2 business days (depending on logo package)
  • Professional artist with 15 plus yrs experience developing your logo design and personally working with the client on a one-on-one basis.
  • Client always retains rights to the finalized logo design.
  • Matson Graphics always creates 100% original concepts and designs. (clip art is never used)


LOGO TIPS: First impressions really do matter! That is why we do not just use a cool font and call it a logo like most $99 overseas logo companies you will find online.


Remember: You get what you pay for especially in the graphic design world… Matson Graphics creates original high quality logos exclusively.

What is a Style Guide?


A styleguide is a document that tells another designer how to work with a brands logo identity. Typically designed as a PDF or web styleguide that goes through things like:


  •  Logo sizing and placement
  • Colors for print and web/tv
  • Font callouts
  • Use of supporting design elements such as icons and tag lines


Styleguides are important for keeping a consistent brand when multiple designers are working on the different projects.
View a sample Style Guide here

Logo re-design/re-work/repair: $35 per hour

We can fix your current logo. If your logo is simply a low resolution file and you want it turned into a high res file we can do that for you! Once your current logo has been emailed over to Matson Graphics along with a description of what you need changed, we will then send you an estimated price quote to fix it. A full payment is required for any quotes under $300.


We also offer color separations for logo design and apparel art.


1/2 Down Payment

To start all Logo design jobs, we request that a 50% deposit is paid to Matson Graphics to get the logo process started. A final 50% payment is due upon completion. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit cards (via PayPal), Venmo or Square.